Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's Christmas time, and here in Australia people are going mental. Every single company is organizing Christmas parties for their staff, and everybody meets with friends and mates they haven’t seen for long time. What does it means to me? Well I don’t want to swear on the FP, but this means shits load.

I am a restaurant manager and this festive season means 5 days a week with 16-17h being at work a day. When I get back, or on my day off I help my wife with our daughter and try to put my feet up, have a beer and pass out on the sofa.

So as you can see this front page won’t include any fishing stories, but...

10 of December my wife's sister is coming for 6 months, it means she will be looking after Angelica for a while, and that means I will be hitting 16h fishing sessions. The first place I go will be Currumbin Creek in Gold Coast (picture attached).

Well that is all from me for this week... back to work.

Have a great week guys and catch some big fish for me.