Bugs of NY

Bugs of NY

Easterncaster | Thursday, 5 February 2015

I fish and guide in the Catskill region of New York state (USA), an area laden with volumes written about it's rivers and history, natural as well as human - fascinating stuff and if given the opportunity to write another Front Page, I'll make it a topic.

Ahh, but it's winter here, yes beautiful at times, but winter has a crazy uncle, 'Cabin Fever' . With  The Fly Fishing Shows in the rear-view mirror, it's fly tying season, tying for clients and myself. It's the season to fantasize about upcoming fishing as well as recall last's, to read journals and dream of fish, casting and bugs. Bugs.

The Catskills are rich with water and the waters are rich with bug - the rivers are fertile. The hatches rival those anywhere else in their intensity and variety. At times we have overlapping hatches - bugs on top of bugs... fun times! Bugs are foundational to my fly fishing. They are my friends and I take take their portraits when ever possible.

In the Pic of Day, in no particular order, is a sampling of what we have.


bugs of NY