Brentwood BFCC Meet

Brentwood BFCC Meet

Tracy&James | Thursday, 18 October 2018

This Saturday sees the last BFCC competition and tuition day of the year (the iFish show has been cancelled for this year so please ignore that one on the calendar). The competition promises to be a good one with a number of casters coming quite a distance in order to throw. I’ve mended the T120 line again so hopefully it will last the course of the event, unlike last time. I made a slight adjustment to the joining technique that failed – as before I’ve tied and glued to cores and then whipped over the tag ends, however this time I also folded the tag ends back towards the knot and over-whipped the whole lot. It’s a bit bulkier than last time but I’m hopeful it’s strong – if it isn’t then I’m all out of ideas.

As usual we have seven events to run, #5, #7, ST27, S55g, T38, T120 and accuracy, so it’s going to be a push to get everyone through if we get a big turn-out.  Mike Heritage has promised to take charge of things on the day, but he’ll need the co-operation of the casters to be prepared for their turn and to offer to do some marking.

Mark will be leading the tuition on the day, joined by a number of other certified instructors.  So if you fancy a tune up, prior to putting the rods away for the winter (assuming you’re not a grayling masochist) then this is a great opportunity.  Actually I do more casting practice in the winter than the summer – thrashing a #5 about keeps me surprisingly warm.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Brentwood and will see you there if you’re going.

All the best, James.

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