Viking Lars | Saturday, 31 July 2021

Today we have an use a lot more high tech gear, which I love, use and like. Many of the features of modern tackle really are genuine improvements. Some of them tend to result in a limited lifespan compared to decades old tackle still in use.

One of them is water proof bags and other types of gear. Waterproof used mean waxed or oiled canvas, which needed maintenance and was heavy. Today high tech membranes are common and also waterproof synthetic fabrics. Stitching is of course a problem in these fabrics as the stitch pieces and causes leaks. So the fabrics are either taped or seam sealed after stitching - or not stitched at all. Glued instead.

I’ve had a waterproof Simms duffel for probably 15 years and it’s done remarkably well. It’s lived a life travelling thousands of kilometres on roof racks, rambled about in boats and been soaked in saltwater for hours in the back of my Anderson Pontoon boat.

This summer the bag finally gave in and died a remarkable death. A week in a scorching hot tent was more than it could take. One day we got back and most of the glued seams had just opened up. With probably 15 years of use (and a 2nd hand purchase) it’s done quite well, I think. I’ve even cut it apart to recycle the fabric on smaller pouches and I’ll use the buckles for something else. The fabric is fine, it was the glue that finally failed.

And what’s the lesson to take with you? Always bring duct tape! Always!

Have a great weekend!