BPM (Bonefish Per Mile)

BPM (Bonefish Per Mile)

Tracy&James | Thursday, 12 April 2018

We’ve covered a lot of miles on the flats this week, the fishing has been steady but not spectacular until today; today was one of those days that will stick in the memory for a long time, especially for Tracy who landed a ~7lb bonefish that ‘tailed’ on her fly.

I’ve been in pain all week from a small wound on my heel. I decided to fish the local shoreline near our accommodation in a pair of flip-flops. This was all fine and well until I got to the very end of the bay where the terrain changes from sand to spiky lava rock. Despite knowing I was not in the best footwear for tackling the headland, I did it anyway because the view is quite good (of the flats) from it. Whilst gingerly making my way across the black rocks I spotted a large barracuda in the deep just off the flat, I instinctively turned to get a better view and my foot slipped within the flip-flop (it was greasy with sunscreen), and bare skin came in contact with sharp, pointy rock. The actual damage to my foot was minimal, a piece of skin about 5mm squared was flapping and little blood was spilt. However what’s been really painful is the inevitable infection – applying pressure to this whilst walking has had me grimacing all week, you’ll notice this in the photo’s where my usual expression has been replaced by a smile.

The serious point though is to take care of your feet on the flats.  Ensure your chosen footwear is comfortable and suitable for the terrain before you venture out.

Another stupid mistake I’ve made this year, and pretty much every year, is to get sunburnt on my legs.  However much I say to myself “I’m just going out for an hour maximum so I’ll get away with shorts” I know it’s going to turn into a 3 hour walk – wade.  I’ve yet to discover a sunscreen that will stand up to hours of lapping waves so burning is pretty much guaranteed for me unless I’m wearing long trousers.  I won’t be going out fishing in shorts again on this trip – unless it’s definitely only for an hour or so Smile

Today was one of the few occasions where I’ve had to slap my rod down in the water in order to ward off a shark.  Tracy was playing a bonefish and a lemon became very agitated, tearing around at such a speed that it was impossible for me to intercept it with my fly (I had hooked one earlier but it spat the fly whilst deep into the backing).  At some point it decided to come straight for me at full speed, so I didn’t manage to get a shot off and instead had to give it a double slap before it veered away.  This shark would have eaten anything in its path, others have been more laid back – easy to put the fly in front of but not really wanting to take it.  Hopefully I’ll run into a big ‘Goldilocks’ shark soon.

Here are some of our photos from the last few days,

All the best, James.

bonefish 7lb


James bonefish

James jack

James playing

ray close up

sunset casting