Bonefish Selfie

Bonefish Selfie

Tracy&James | Thursday, 19 April 2018

Latest from our flats trip – having caught a really nice sized bonefish, about 7 pounds, that tailed on my fly and ran taking backing three times, I wanted a photo of it, but James was too far away. So I took photos of it balanced on my foot (with the rod as an indication of length) and decided that I needed to work out how to do a selfie with my camera for next time. Yesterday I found myself again with a bonefish and James nowhere near, so I tried the selfie mode. Other than myself not quite being in the photo it worked reasonably well. I’ll try better next time… if there is a next time.

I haven’t caught a ‘cuda or shark as yet, but have been enjoying catching bones and other species like jacks, snappers, etc.  I’ve been watching James’ technique for getting cuda’s to take the fly – he’s had at least 5 takes from maybe 10 larger fish that he’s targeted.  If he doesn’t get a take on the first cast he makes a series of pick-up/put downs along with various stripped casts in order to annoy the fish into taking.  I don’t know if you can actually annoy a fish, but he can certainly annoy me at times, so maybe he can Smile.  Anyway, I’ve seen him have tens, maybe a hundred, casts at a cuda before getting a take, so I know it works for him – I currently have not had a take.  Unfortunately the biggest cuda that he induced to take the fly broke the wire, an indication of how aggressively they hit when they decide to.

Back in the UK, the BFCC have the first Meeting of 2018 this weekend on the 22nd April in Cullompton, Devon, which is normally a very well attended event. Lots of fly casting tuition, led by Mark Surtees and Mike Heritage, and several competition events will be run for anyone to try entering as there are three levels of participation (‘B100’ – for those who haven’t cast over 100ft in competition #5 or #7, ‘B110’ – same but 110ft etc. and ‘Open’).  Obviously the 2018 BFCC British Championship kicks off at this meeting, you need to get 2 scores on the board for each discipline (#5, #7, ST27, S55g, T38, T120 and accuracy) to enter this, although attending 3 or more events allows you to improve your lower marks.  The current champion is Matt Tonkin.

James and I will miss this sadly as we’ll still be on the Bahamas, but we’ll be back in time for the next BFCC gathering at the Sportfish Show in Theale. This is always a great show where we meet up with lots of friends – we’ll also be stocking up on fly tying material, and a few other items, to replace flies, etc, following this trip. Flies either get ‘lost’ or damaged beyond repair, so James needs to get on with replacing them when we get back and I fancy tying a few more too. It’s quite fun catching fish on a fly you’ve tied.

Have a great weekend,


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