Boats and Fishing

Boats and Fishing

Glenda | Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Something I have noticed on the board is there is not much discussion about boats as being part of a fisherman's arsenal. Am I wrong to assume boats are not that popular for fly fishing in the UK and Europe and other northern hemisphere destinations and that it is mostly places like Australia where boats are used?

  boat1 And I'm talking about boats - not float tubes or kayaks but little or large tinnies, especially when it comes to salt water fly fishing.

All I know is that almost every time there is a club get together here, a boat is required to get amongst the fish. There is little to no bank fishing. Going out in a tube on the ocean (or bay) where I live is dangerous because of larger boats and sharks.  Do others face the same problems?

And that doesn't just apply to salt water - it applies to trout and other species such as bass who live in lakes. A boat will take you to parts of a lake that walking the bank just can't get you to. 

I have been saying for years that I need to get myself a little boat which goes hand-in-hand with a boat license.  The license is not hard to get, it is the choice of boat that's hard.... which size can I manage on my own?  Who can teach me to back the car with doing damage to my car (I remember a bunch of guys standing around watching another poor chap backing his car down to load his boat.  When he was having trouble, all the onlookers started yelling "been backing long"...... I don't want that to happen to me!). What size motor can I start, especially if it doesn't come with an electric start?  So many questions to be answered before I can buy a boat. After I do get one, it will be practise, practise, practise out on my own - even that sounds daunting just writing it!

Do you know also how many different kinds and sizes of boats are out there?  And it cannot have a cover for obvious reasons which is a pain given where I live and the intense heat and sun here.

The most important issues is do I feel comfortable and confident sufficiently to take someone out with me?  It has to be a resounding yes before I go anywhere with a mate.

Video this week is an oldie but a goodie.  Salmon fishing at Hervey Bay, Queensland, with Gavin Platz.  Also some pictures of the type of boat which is very popular here for fly fishing.

Happy fishing