Blocking and Launching

Blocking and Launching

Paul Arden | Saturday, 10 July 2021

I believe Lars is on a Viking raid today so it’s a quick one from me. We have some very interesting discussions over on the Board at the moment, particularly around the biomechanics of throwing.

Locking and Blocking:

Translation and Rotation:

And The Launch (open/closed), which Ive just started:

I find these topics very interesting and I really think there is something interesting to be learned here. Often we tend to ignore what other sports do and I think that's a mistake.

I’m considering trying a Board Members’ Video Conference via Zoom. It might be something to do from time to time and we could cover a range of topics. We could give presentations and so on. It’s something I’m mulling over and I think it's a great idea! 

Now, finally, I normally have a backup writer for MIA days. But the last backup writer was Martyn and he’s now on a weekly slot of his own. So if you have an exciting Front Page idea that you would like to contribute, then please drop me an email on

I could definitely do with a few spares at the moment and it always fascinating to mix things up with some fresh voices! Who knows, you may find your calling :)))

Hope you are having a great Saturday. I discovered today that even 40lb mono needs replacing after a month of being in lockdown. Bummer!

Cheers, Paul