Paul Arden | Friday, 3 January 2020

Mika our Friday contributor has some last minute guests at his reindeer farm and so I’m covering his FP. It must be quite something to live inside the Arctic Circle. Summers I could handle, but this time of year... well I think I’d find that tough.

Anyway 21 years ago when Sexyloops was six months old I realised that the only person bumping up the stats counter was me! And so over a period of about a week I wrote the Sexyloops Fly Casting Manual. Which was originally was seven very long pages. Six months after this one of my friends, Steve, chopped it up into about 50 bite-sized chunks.

Now you have to bear in mind that this was written 21 years ago and we have moved on quite a long way from where we were back then. This was - believe it or not - "cutting edge stuff"! 

Back in those early days of the Internet there were only two flycasting information resources. One was Sexyloops and the other a site called slow-snap. I often wondered what happened to that site; it was full of some truly excellent information. If anyone knows who's owned it then please email me; I'd love to get in touch. 

So this is the original Sexyloops Fly Casting Manual: 

There is also a Spanish Version translated by Carlos and a downloadable PDF format. Somewhere on the Internet there is, or was a French version too. 

For something much more up-to-date check out our comprehensive Fly Casting Video Manual: 


Have a nice day! 

Cheers, Paul