Banner Day

Banner Day

Andy Dear | Monday, 5 September 2022

Banner Day---A day marked or characterized by great success or good fortune.

  The week before last I was having lunch at a good friend's local eatery. This particular friend also happens to be a regular fishing partner as well. Over a plate of chicken wings, he happened to check the weather forecast, which showed it was gonna blow 5-10mph the following day...before he could finish his sentence I was on the phone with Capt. Freddy Lynch to confirm he had the day free, which he did.

  I met Rick at his house at 9 pm sharp and we made a quick late-night run to Corpus. During the two-hour trip, Rick referenced his superstitious nature several times by implying we were going to be plagued by bad karma, since we had made this trip without our two teenage sons in tow. Rick is a devoted father just like I am, and I think we both felt a tinge of guilt for sneaking away while they were in school. Every time the subject came up I replied, "Nah...were gonna smoke em tomorrow, I can feel it". I really could feel something good had to happen, as both of us have been dealing with a lot of life stressors lately...something good just HAD to happen.

  And boy did it ever...we really did smoke 'em. Captain Lynch put us on three different schools before the 10 am heat wave hit, and between the two of us, we sight cast to and boated 4 fish well over 30", the biggest being "34. Fish of this size are fairly common down there, but to see a group of 200 of them churning the water from a quarter mile away is truly something that never gets old.


Hope you all are having a great week,