bad fishing

bad fishing

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 24 April 2020

I heard from radio that world has found out why Finnish people are one of the happiest people in the world. Our best and worst ideas are coming when we are under that secretly thing. It is up to you decide which one is this but it is either great or awful. Anyway idea to subject came when doing this. And what is this secret behind of our happiness. It is something we have been doing probably centuries and now when bars and pubs are close, we know how to do it. It is called kalsarikänni, translation would be something like ”drunk in panties”. It means that you stay at home alone, drink booze and maybe listen music or something like that. But main idea is get drunk in panties alone.

Often fisherman are saying that fishing was bad. What does that mean really? Then they continue how it was difficult to find fish. Then fish wasn’t eat anything and all the flies you had on the box was not right one.  After hours of working fisherman landed fish or two. It is that bad fishing? Or just difficult fishing? Answer is quite obviously. We often say bad fishing because then we don’t have to take responsibility about our action or skills which have affect on fishing. When we say that it was bad fishing we are not really thinking why it went like it did but… If we start to say and think more it was difficult fishing…. well then you need to analyze your fishing, casting etc. That is something how you get better. And that goes with most of the things we do.

Now is coming that kalsarikänni part. When I was younger and hanging in the pub with friends. In some point someone found a girl and then next morning they could say that it was bad sex. How it can be bad? It could be difficult to find girl from the bar, yes. But you found someone. Both of you want to have it and then did it. Where is bad part? Or maybe you didn’t get your tools hard? Or even worst you couldn’t make girl wet and really open for you? So it was only difficult sex not bad, but again…. you don’t have to take any responsibilty about your action.

What is my point? In the end if you get laid or went fishing, you where having sex or fishing. You did it anyway. Was it difficult? Maybe but never bad. Just remember that difficult day on fishing is better than not fishing at all. And same goes with sex.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland