Tracy&James | Thursday, 4 July 2019

I was going to re-visit some FPs that I’ve written previously about casting mechanics and modelling this week, however I’ve been completely scuppered by a problem with my computer. I’m writing this on Tracy’s laptop as even after a couple of evening’s worth of effort I haven’t got mine recovered sufficiently.

The issue started with a fairly innocuous message about windows not being able to load my user profile – no biggie I thought, a bit of Googling and I’d soon have that fixed.  Following online instructions I created a couple of new users and then copied the contents of my old user profile, minus the corrupted files, to one of the new ones.  This succeeded in getting the computer up and running but I soon discovered I’d lost all my personal files – photos, music, office files, PDFs, everything!

I subsequently downloaded some free recovery software which found my data – however as soon as I hit the ‘recover’ button, up popped an invitation to pay for the advanced version that would do the business, rather than the free version that would just scan.  This annoyed me intensely, especially as I was under the impression it was a totally free bit of code prior to downloading it.  Perhaps it would have been easier just to buy the full version but now I’m on a mission to solve things for nothing.  So if anyone knows their way around such problems then I’d be interested to hear from you.

As such, I haven’t really got anything fishing or casting related for this post – other than to perhaps suggest you back up your data better than I have.  It’s easy to regret not doing this when suddenly a problem occurs and then you end up in a situation like mine where many years of fishing photos are currently lost.  So if you have a spare minute or two after reading this then why not do a back-up, you may thank me for reminding you sometime.

All the best, James