Back in time

Back in time

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Inspired by Craig, Paul and Glenda I went back in time either.
In age of three years I saw an angler catching an eel. It was this moment, when I discovered some kind of fire burning inside me. A fire, which later on in my life would stop burning. At least that was what quiet many people (family members in the first place) kept telling me for many years.

In age of five I caught a first Sea trout. It was almost as big as I was. Well, at least it felt that way. I can’t remember anything from those years in my early age, but these two moments. Especially fishing for Sea trout soon became my biggest passion and this still (35 years after) hasn’t changed.

In age of twelve for the first time ever I saw a first fly fishermen. It is him, who I have to thank for having spent all my money and most of my time for fly fishing trips then. Fair to say I didn’t exactly grew up in a typical fly fishing area. Anyway I learnt how to catch all different species of fish living in my area on fly. That was carp, pike, pike perch, perch, Sea trout, Atlantic salmon, eel, all kind of white fish, grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout and more.

Catching fish like Bonefish, Tarpon and many more inspired me to travel to many places far from where I grew up. Where I grew up? Yes, I wouldn’t call that place to have been my home. Home always was and still is where the fish are. When I am fishing, that’s when I feel to be home. The better the fish are, the more home I am.

Looking back today I think very few people on the planet have spent as much time fishing as I did. Ant today no one is telling me to probably stop fishing in the future anymore. In fact it has changed and people are telling me to probably never stop fishing.

Fly fishing to me is a fire burning inside me. The oxygen it needs to burn is water. As soon as I see water – no matter how it looks – all my senses are opened up to spot a fish.

If I would have one wish for free, it would be this fire to never stop burning! It keeps me warm even in the coldest days and it connects me to many very fine people.

I wish all of you the joy of fly fishing!

All my best


Back in time... ;)

p.s.: That first fly fisherman I met will be blamed for not having taught me catch AND RELEASE. Cool

Bernd Ziesche fly fishing