Back in the jungle (again!)

Back in the jungle (again!)

Paul Arden | Monday, 5 November 2018

We had a nice week down in KL at the fly fishing show that was organised. I was there on Friday! Sorry for those of you expecting to see me on Saturday. I’m not sure what happened but I slept for 19hrs and woke up at 22.30 after the show! The only time anything like that has happened to me before was when I had my drinks spiked in the Congo. I don’t know if it was that or jet lag but it was very disappointing because I had a few demonstrations that I was looking forward to deliver.

I think that this will be my last show for a while. I’ve had breaks from them before and I feel like another one now. So for the next few years I’ll concentrate on guiding, fishing and the Sexyloops rod business. 

We have a few days of fishing now on Belum and hopefully I can give a crash course on Gourami and Snakehead fishing! 

Tonight I have a busy time sorting out all my fishing tackle for the next few days. I don’t fish Belum very often and instead fish the southern part of the lake. 

Ashly is here too, with her prize winning rod. This rod has to be seen to be believed. Amazing craftsmanship from Lee Martell and it’s quite possibly the only fly rod in existence with a Damascus Steel insert for the reel seat!! More photos this week Kiss

Have a fantastic week!

Cheers, Paul