Back in the Jungle

Back in the Jungle

Paul Arden | Sunday, 25 February 2018

I’m just covering quickly for Matt today. Tomorrow I’ll write an FP on my last few weeks fishing Tasmania. I had some great fishing but I’ll talk about that tomorrow. Today I’m fishing with Ashly and I’m excited to be back. On the drive over we encountered many cicadas. This is promising! Also it’s Snakehead with Babies time of year so it should hopefully mean a cracking start to my trip here.

Piffen from the Board joins me on Saturday. I have one boat running now and the second will be running next week. I’m looking forward to meeting and fishing together with Piffen. I know he’s been working hard on his casting shots so we’ll get to see how that pays off here. :) 

Right, must fish now. Back tomorrow with a longer FP!

Cheers, Paul