Back in Hungary

Back in Hungary

Paul Arden | Monday, 18 May 2015

This is a rather late FP that I'm writing. My excuse is of course fishing! I was fishing yesterday on the Croatian Canal that is local to me, catching up with some friends, and then I dropped Ashly off at Zagreb Airport today. And what a great trip that was... the Scottish Meet, fishing the Highlands (photos uploaded this evening) and then a quick drive across Europe to Latohegy, Hungary.

Something I've never truly understood is why men don't introduce their partners to flyfishing - "I want to get away from her" is a common excuse. Well OK, it makes me wonder why they got together in the first place! For me at least, it is not only an advantage that my girlfriend fishes, but indeed a requirement. I've left countless girls either because they were not interested in fly fishing, or even because I didn't think they were going to be any good! Kiss 

Of course one of the problems with women is that they are all psychotic. This is part of their mental make-up. But if you can adapt to this, then they make great fishing partners. I must admit to being somewhat concerned for Ashy, having come straight from Malaysia to European Spring, and a Scottish Highlands one at that. Prospects of fishing and camping remote Scottish Hill lochs in 3 degrees I thought was going to come difficult for me, let alone Ashly. But it turns out that Chinese women are indestructable. I can't imagine any European women ever putting up with snow while camping and fishing!

It was great to watch Ashy progress and catch fish! She managed at least one trout from every hill loch we fished together - even I didn't manage that! And now she's on her way home to Malaysia :( 

So this week I have to make the decision rather quickly to either finish Camp Latohegy, which means a summer of buiding (and an Ironman in two months, which with a bit of training is doable), or else return to Malaysia at the beginning of July and go camping in the jungles again. Decisions decisions. In the meantime, both Irhamy - The Gov' - and Mr T are joining me for a one or two week fishing trip to Bosnia and Croatia. They arrive on Sunday. The only thing we are missing is waders for Irhamy. But if Malays are anything like as tough as Chinese women they shouldn't be necessary anyway. 

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul