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Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Fishing my home waters (near Hamburg) compared to German Pike-land (Rügen island) means to catch much less and much smaller fish.

Our last day in pike-land last week was fantastic. Flo and I hooked several great pike. I lost one pretty big one cause he completly inhaled my steel leader and cut the fluorocarbon then. Yes, it was a bit short, obviously. I always tell my students to have at least 40cm of steel in front of their fly. Well, I had 35cm that day, which kind of proved my point! ;) Besides that we landed several fine pike before we went back home.

During the last days I was teaching fly casting and went fishing for Zander in my home waters. 

Chasing Zander (pikeperch) instead of pike now keeps my fishing quite intersting. I love to switch from studying one species of fish to another one. Since most Zander in my home waters aren't exactly big ones, I can learn a lot in regard of how to feel the slightest takes at the end of my line. That has improved my game for many species of fish during the past winter. This winter I will have further studies here for sure!

At the moment I am planing my schedule for 2020. As it seems there will be a fair amount of fishing in it! :) This year it seems as if I will hit 360 fishing days straight. That means Paul again will lose our battle in the number of fishing days. Seems as if I am hard to be beaten here. But if there's one who gets very close every year, than it's Paul! ;)

Sometimes people ask me, if fishing every day doesn't get boring at some point!?

Guess what, no, it gets better all the time! For me that is of course...

In fact I am about to meet some fish now. ;)

Great fly fishing week to all of you!

All my best


Few pictures of our last days...

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