Axe in the making :-).

Axe in the making :-).

Viking Lars | Saturday, 18 November 2017

I'm hoping that winter stays away for a while yet, because a friend and I have plans to go to Rügen to fish pike for 3-4 days with Bernd, which I'm really looking forward to.

We had the same trip planned last year, and a few days before we were supposed to leave, frost came, and the brackish water of the Baltic freezes over quite fast, so we cancelled last minute.

I have of course begun tying flies as per Bernd's recommendations. Not too big, slim, black and lots of them. I've shopped leader material - Knot2Kinky is my favourite, and I know it's the one Bernd uses too.

The are plans to get a big one. I've fished a lot of pike, caught a lot too, but never, to my knowledge, passed the 10kg mark, so that's the plan - plain and simple :-).

I'm forging today - getting a beginner's lesson in the wonders and magic of moving around hot iron and steel. I've been fascinated with this since childhood, and when I got the offer from a good friend to come a learn a little, I grabbed it.

We are, of course, forging an axe today. It's a fascinating and really hard work.

Have a great weekend