Away from the madding world

Away from the madding world

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 7 September 2022

I don’t know why you fish, and I’m sure like me you have many reasons. One of mine is to get away from everyone else and spend quality time alone appreciating life and occasionally, to spend time with very good friends. I do like people, really, well mostly anyway, but not all the time!

Something I acutely noticed, particularly during COVID lockdowns, when I had to anchor myself discreetly within internet coverage, was just how draining is constantly being online. I mean you wake up… internet, have breakfast… internet. Sitting on the bog (like now)… internet. Right throughout the day… internet…  and very last thing at night, when you lie in bed waiting for sandman to knock you out… bloody internet! Constantly there, like a drug but without the highs.

The only thing better in life than having a campfire under the stars on your own, is spending serious time fly fishing by yourself. And I like to do both. Regularly. Preferably every damned day! But failing that at least 3 or 4 days/week totally offline.  In fact it’s very important otherwise I forget what truly matters.

Heading down the lake with my wife is as good, or even better, than by myself (she might read this!). It is what we do and did when we first met; it’s why we married. I wonder what’s going on down there just now with the fish? Are they free-rising? Fresh babies around? Are the Gourami active at the surface? I’ll try to shoot some video for next week. When I’m offline I actually have time for this.

Also I have to take my fitness training very seriously again. My next 70.3  triathlon is November 5th. That will come around very quickly and if I’m not careful it will knock me over; it has some proper hills for the bike ride. There will be fireworks.

Incidentally one of the reasons I have two fishing boats is because I know I’m not alone in needing space. The second boat allows a guest to go fishing alone. We have walkie-talkies in case there is a problem or if I’m required to take a photo. Being alone, on your own boat, fishing in the jungle… is wonderful!

Have a great week. I’ll be back online when I’ve run out of beer.

Cheers, Paul