Autumn update

Autumn update

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 30 September 2022

Last day of September, season is really coming to its end. If lucky there could be one or two days with good fishing weather.

Past two weeks we have been building new round-up fence for reindeer. It start to be almost ready and now past two days we started to gather reindeer for round-up. We go our paliskunta area by area. This time we started from east close to Russian border. Reason is that there are wolfs which are killing lot of reindeer at the moment over there.

Forecast for Friday is that we could get our first snow more or less and coming days seems to be cold and rainy. Hopeful there would be one warm and sunny day coming up soon. It would be nice to go fishing last time for this season. I won't hold my breath when waiting that.

Now it is time to concentrate reindeer work and getting ready for winter. Also I need keep training casting even it is not possible to fish, well maybe one trip to our lake still.

It is late Thursday, time to go bed. 8 hours driving quad in difficult terrain and few kilometres walking are taking its share.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing