Autumn fishing

Autumn fishing

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 11 September 2020

This week is all about fishing. Well it is little bit something else also, but mostly fishing. This is our holiday week. Our all plans changed during the spring and summer, so we had to figure something else. Satu asked about if we rent camper in September. I was like yeah, why not. You know not to be too excited about this. Original destination was Sweden but covid fucked that up, then Norway and same result. So here we are, northern part of Finland, which is called käsivarsi (arm). Area is also know as mountain lapland.

So I’m sitting in camper and writing. River, Könkämäeno, is 50 meter from car. Life is good. I have just finished fishing day and tomorrow it will be new one. Mountains are red, yellow, purple etc. Autumn colours are as their best, ruska as we call it. Yesterday was first fishing day. It started as too good to be true. After few cast I landed 50 cm grayling and short after that some more okay size. Sun was shining and fishing was easy. Satu made some office work and started later to fish. Her HT6, Lady Shaman had first casts and graylings. I had power nap before starting afternoon fishing.

I knew that rapid is too fast and strong for graylings in this time of the year so I passed strong current, just stopping to fish some deeper holes which were slower and took some photos when heading up to neck. When coming to neck it was looking so good, some hatching, warm, not much wind etc. but no fish. I decided to go over river to the island and trying to reach other side of the river. Neck is totally about 150 meters wide. I reach middle of river when I saw rise on main stream. It was majestic, fish came on surface slowly and showed itself fully. I saw that it was salmon. (not allowed to fish in this time).  Area looked good for grayling so I waded to there and start to fish. I was using nymphs and I had HT4 with tippet 0.18 mm. Few cast and I felt heavy take. I knew that salmon took to fly. I was tightening brake so fish won’t run downstream to heavy and fast current. Salmon took run and I was so happy how rod was working, reel was giving line smoothly and I was happy man, even I knew that I had wrong kind of fish on the line. But as sometimes in life, happy moments won’t last long. Salmon took next run, my brake was too tight in this point and snap, line was broken.

Phone was ringing and I had to take it because it was urgent work call. While I was talking on the phone, salmon start to make big jumps just next to me, okay 20 meters from me but close anyway. I finished call fast to take some video about jumps but salmon had made its point. Lälläspyy, you couldn’t catch me. I could see part of line and other nymph on side of salmon. That was something really nice and sad at same time. I was happy about short fight but sad because I worried if it will get rid off fly eventually. ( and because I lost a fight). I got one jump on video and then it was gone. It was about 5 kg salmon or maybe little bit over that. Nice anyway and I had never seen salmon so high up in that river.

In the evening we had another spot and camping place. Fishing was getting more difficult, some strikes and rises but only one grayling landed.

Thursday morning we changed place again. Wind was from north so it was promising hard day, and that was what we got. I covered big area from river and fished some really good spots which I knew from my earlier trips but I was only landing few okay size grayling and one small trout. Satu had none, not even bite.

I had short session which was looking good for dryfly fishing but… I had take, but lost it fast, then I got rise next to fly. Then I saw how nice size grayling was coming to fly, but stopped just few cm before and turned back to bottom. Then I got great take from big grayling and lost that one after first run. Then everything died. It was time to sit down and have a drink.

Autumn fishing can be like this. First everything is easy and then everything is getting hard, but it is like any fishing. Tomorrow we need to find niva, it is not rapid but still it is flowing. That is where big graylings are now, it means that I had to check some new waters for me.

Now it is time go out and make camping fire. Life is good and then you die, so take best you can from your life.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing, we will.

Mika the Legend