Anxiously waiting......

Anxiously waiting......

Bruce Richards | Sunday, 15 March 2015

It's March in Montana and that means water is starting to warm, slowly, and if the weather cooperates, midges hatch. If it really cooperates, other things might hatch too. While we do have occasional dry fly fishing all winter long, March is when it becomes more predictable, as long as it isn't below 0 (F) and/or blowing 60 kmh.

     Cloudy days are far better than bright sun, like everywhere else. But here, we get mostly sunny days... But today is cloudy and I'm heading to the Madison. Most people don't think it is "fishing season" until it's warm and sunny, they are missing out! Chico-Bear Trap 217

Bear Trap Cline 020

Chico-Bear Trap 235

Chico-Bear Trap 242

Chico-Bear Trap 257