Another gadget

Another gadget

Viking Lars | Saturday, 1 September 2018

I like gadgets in general - and flyfishing gadgets are no exception. Have you ever tried having an idea, only to find out that someone's had the idea before and - *and* put it into production?

I often use Perfection Loops to attach tippet to (especially shorter sinking line) leaders. For years and years I've used the little needle in my clippers to hold the loop as I tighten it, main line in one hand, tag en between my teeth to ensure a good seating of the knot. Sometimes I break the needle, sometimes the loop slips off the needle and as it does, the needle sometimes cuts halfway trhough the loop.

For several years I've been thinking about making a small tool for this (and for holding especailly small double hooks when they're tied onto heavy leaders). A ring in one end for a finger and a small hook in the other end for loop/hookbend. I of course wanted to make one for myself in damascus steel (even though it would probably rust fast when used in the salt). I might still do so anyway.

Just a few weeks ago I discussed the idea with a friend who has a little insight into the production side of metal things. He thought it was a good idea, and we spoke brielfly about design and where and how to get a few prototypes made.

But of course, not only has someone had the very same idea, probably decades ago, but it's also already in production. By Italian Stonfo (good heaves, their line of products is HUGE).

Their version (in the PoD) has some advantages over "my" design:
1. It's dirt cheap.
2. It's made of plastic and stainless (I suppose?) steel = rust proof.
3. Very light weight.
4. HA!
5. Can't think of a 5, but had to have one, to let you know that there is no 4 on Sexyloops :-).

It has two disadvantages:
1. It's a bit bulky.
2. It's far from good looking. The idea in my head was (is) elegant, sleek, beautiful, almost a little piece of art to hang on your vest/pack.

Well, I bought one (obviously), and it certainly is a just a useful as the one in my head, so maybe I'll never get one made for myself.

Have a great weekend!