And the fishing begins...

And the fishing begins...

Paul Arden | Monday, 2 January 2017

Last month I did my usual stint at managing a friend's bar in the rainforest. It's always fun meeting new people, playing pool, talking about fly fishing, being outdoors but with a roof while the torrential rain does it's thing, playing bar music while expanding my music tastes (not everyone appreciates Motorhead), and generally living like a night owl. However this year has been a little different because the monsoon seems to have missed this part of the country, and the lake levels are still at summer lows. The lake has come up about 1.5m, but still has another 5m to go to Wet Season levels, and since the Wet Season is almost over, this means that it's either coming in late or almost not at all. What this will mean for the summer, I have no idea, but for free-rising Snakehead it might be really good!

Anyway, that's all about to happen... Ashly and I have driven down to Kuala Lumper for a few days - there are some supplies we need, the main one being a camera! All my hand held cameras have all died so I'm going to buy a waterproof drop-proof (if not exactly Paul-proof, then hopefully Ashly-proof) camera that can shoot Hi Def video and a couple of spare batteries as well. The plan is to make video moments, for SLTV, and upload these so you can get a taste of life and fishing in the jungle. I'm going to attach a big floating ring to this camera so that when Ashly drops it overboard it won't sink to the bottom of the lake.

Later this month, I'm planning to buy a second aluminium boat, maybe slightly larger and slightly faster, that we can rent out, lend to friends and so on. Two people on the "Condom Titanic" is already pretty crowded. Any more than this and there is a danger that we sink.

It's been a great month, I have to say. If you ever get the chance to run a small, not-very-busy, intimate bar for a short period of time then I can thoroughly recommend it. I could never do it for more than a month at a time, but in that month there are lots of great moments, and of course playing pool for 5 or 6 hrs/day can really sharpen you up. Mind you, it's a bit table specific - I'll still get hammered on different spec tables. In fact if you want to run this bar, let me know, there is a vacancy!

Furthermore ignoring the strategy side of the game, when you look at shots, there are great similarities between flycasting and pool playing, at least in terms of really getting down to the finer points, contact with the ball, alignments and so on. In fact even now that we are going to live in the jungle for 6 days/week, we'll still be coming out on Sundays to restock, recharge and upload videos and there will be one day/week of pool playing.

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas/New Year and I wish you all the best for 2017!! For me it's Gourami Time!!!!