And it’s back to the fishing...

And it’s back to the fishing...

Paul Arden | Monday, 6 May 2019

I’ve been flat out recently with the Hot Torpedos. Remember we have a new competition this year and lots of activity. Be sure to enter for your chance to win your own custom designed Sexyloops Stealth Shirt and to be in the finals where you can win a brand new custom built Hot Torpedo fly rod. We have a couple of new models coming out soon, so even if you are a lucky owner of all four Hot Torpedos you also have the choice of a 7’6 3/4 and the HT12. (We also have a few Rampage blanks which are competition T27/38 prototype blanks. Stefan caught his Snakehead on one of these last week).

Sexyloops Hot Torpedo Competition 2019

After 5 or so days of hanging out at Sexyloops Base in Gerik it’s time to get back on the lake. We got hit by a huge storm heralding Piffen’s arrival that’s taken out not only our WiFi but everyone else in the street! It’s a Piffen Storm. Talking of Piffen Storms, check out Zuie’s Storm in the POD today! (I love casting these fast 10WT blanks with the MED5. It’s quite a different technique for me, but once you have mastered it, there is another 2m distance to be found). 

Tomorrow will be a day of packing (today is Saturday by the way) and then Piffen and I will be heading East on the lake because that’s where Stefan and I found the most Snakehead  activity. We will also be chasing Giant Gourami because this is, or should be, Gourami Time! 

We’ve had about 80 Gourami to the Sexyloops Boats so far. Still lots more to figure out when it comes to these fish. I’ve yet to catch one on a fig fly for example, or one cruising the surface over deep water in the flat calm mid afternoons for that matter. Stefan found a nice one feeding off a big stump area last week, and so I plan to go back and catch it this week! They often hang out at the same area for months at a time and so I get to know individual fish. They get to know me too!

Interestingly, one of my best Goirami areas of two to four years ago didn’t produce a fish last year (didn’t even see one!) and hasn’t produced even a shot so far this year either. However the area that produced the most fish for me last year during the morning ants sessions also produced the one one I caught when Stefan was visiting. (It’s possible I’ve caught this fish before and need to go through my records to check - they have distinct scale markings  - apparently they look a bit like Chinese characters and bring good luck!). 

An amazing fish this one. And fortunately it appears that when the Snakehead are playing hard to get, the Goirami are gettable. But every one landed is a small miracle - well everyone over 4KG anyway. Particularly since they like to put stumps in-between you and them, and really rather quickly! 

The technique here, that I use, is not to drag them away from the stumps - because they won’t follow you and all you will end up doing is putting more distance between you and them - and then when they do wrap themselves in stumps you have even more distance to close. So instead, my technique is to immediately chase after them, and into the stumps where you can attempt to take control over the situation. And that’s why we use braid tippet and leaders of course - mono doesn’t fare well in the stumps. 

I’m looking forward to Piffen’s visit. He’s here for three weeks this time and has been making flies for the trip. I’m hoping Piffen has tightened up his Snakehead shot. It’s not quite free-rising time but it is getting there. We are still early in the year for this game. However for the past month we have been getting free-rising shots. I really think this is going to be a year to remember. The lake is already about 10m down from top water levels, ie close to what you have at the end of a Norma summer season, not at the start of it where we are now. - and this and the high water temperatures is why we are already getting free-risers. 

If you want to come over for a visit, some guiding, some casting training, or to hire a boat out on your own, on indeed any of the flexible packages I put together then please get in touch.  I have quite a lot of free spaces between now and the middle of August. There is no better freshwater fly fishing in the world to be had than right here in the Malaysian Jungle; it really is another level. (I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t!). 

This week I plan to make a few new videos. Obviously fishing with Piffen will be one of them. But also some Spey Funk for the Masterclass as well as the Sexyloops Challenge. Piffen has said that he wants to take the Sexyloops Essential Challenge while he is here - so that should be interesting! If you want to test and improve yourself as a flycaster then have a look at this - The Sexyloops Challenge. (I also plan to make a teaching/explanation video of the complete challenge as well as the left handed 100ft cast into a target that we were doing on the Board back in March... I may be late but I hope to be deadly!). 

I hope that you are very well and have a fantastic week ahead. Be sure to join the Sexyloops Hot Torpedo Competition if you are a HT owner. And if you are not... well then, here is your path to fly rod Enlightenment