Analogy man in digital world

Analogy man in digital world

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 6 January 2023

New year started, same shit different wrapping. We all know that is how it will end up and yet we have to have hope. As fisherman we are always optimistic and I'm no different. There is always better day after this, especially what comes around fishing.

Little bit over year ago I got smart watch, Huawei GT3 or something like that. I had one earlier from different brand but this was kind of sponsorship thing. I thought that I would use it as previous one, to show who is calling and it will measure how many steps I take, etc. You know.

Watch is measuring how I sleep and tells me when I haven't got proper sleep as I wouldn't know that when I wake up and I'm dead tired. :D It measures my pulse and I can do different training things and so on. You know how it is working.

What I do found interesting now, when I realized that it will really measure my walking when I put training mode on, I can see afterwards how I have been herding reindeers, all info about pulse etc. So maybe there is some just nice to know info coming next summer. 

And what comes to fishing. I have notice, thanks to watch that... When I got nice fish or there is exciting moment my heart beat is climbing up. The day I caught snakehead, before and after my heart rate was around 70 beat/minute, even hot weather, fishing and concentration. When I had fish on and fight with snakehead my heart rate jumped to 125 beat/minute. Who says that fishing is not a sport. :D

Afterwards I have notice similar changes. Does it really matter, not really but is nice to combine things and see how your body is reacting things when fishing.

I'm analogy man in digital world. I can survive in that world and yet I'm happiest when I'm out from digital world. I had today first fishing guiding trip, it was about ice fishing, not much to tell stories from that. It was nice day and we had blast. For me it meant more than I thought, fishing is something I could talk about hours and not getting tired. Spanish season is over and German season is on, no I can find time for casting practice and things like that. This week is still fully loaded and days are 14 hours and you work easily more than half in dark. Going through to light and summer.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing