An information minefield

An information minefield

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 27 July 2021

I had my second Sinovac shot last weekend and so apparently am back to being invincible. Just a bit tired at the moment. Hopefully Malaysia can vaccinate itself out of the current mess! And finally, after losing fish and otherwise making some very poor shots, I’ve managed to land Snakehead again and so I am back in the running again. It was strange being in a fishing slump and I’m delighted to have put fish in the boat again… now open the floodgates! There are both free-risers as well as adults/babies active. I’ve missed the free-risers!!

I have HTMLified Andy’s articles he sent through yesterday. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this series! You can find them here: 


What I would like to talk to you about today is the Sexyloops Board and I would encourage you to post and ask questions, start topics and get involved. The Board is over 20 years old now. Back in the early days it was a wonderful place, busy, hectic even, and really educational. Unfortunately forums have taken a hit with the advent of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and so on. I personally particularly dislike Facebook! I can’t for the life of me understand why when someone has made more money than they can ever spend in their lives, why they wouldn’t then make their business work for social good. 

I actually have a plan for Sexyloops. Not that I think it’s ever going to make enough money for me to ever stop working – and quite frankly I never want to stop working! – but at some point I plan to have it set up so that its primary purpose is to generate income for projects like the Sungai Tiang Mahseer / Orang Asli fly fishing prioject. In this case I’m helping train the indigenous Orang Asli to be fly fishing guides, while simultaneously protecting the fish by turning the river into a C&R fly fishing only river. That to me is a great project and if Sexyloops can find and fund similar projects to this one, when I’ve gone and kicked the bucket, then I think I would have created something truly worthwhile. And this is all certainly feasible!

And that’s why I don’t understand Facebook. It tries to make the maximum amount of money possible; it profiles you, studies everything you watch, every link you follow, stores everything you ever write and even sells your private messages! It’s full of misinformation, polarises people and instead of being a champion for good, appears to be all out for greed.

Anyway talking about misinformation, the information you get served up in the Facebook fly fishing communities is often so far off base that it will set you backwards. Some of the information is bang-on target of course, and the interesting thing about thi,s I find, is the guys who post the best information are often Board members!

So if you have any fly fishing or fly casting questions whatsoever, then please join the Board and get involved. To join you will need to send me an email on with your desired username and I’ll set you up. The reason registration is not fully automated is because we need to keep out the footwear salesmen, the pornographers and the worm sellers (yes one time someone tried to sell us worms!!). 

This is The Board.. 


This week I have a few Zoom flycasting sessions. Remember if you buy a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo, I will give you a free Zoom Flycasting lesson. The first “Intermediates Lesson” is usually about accuracy technique, open stance distance technique and improving your double haul. But it could be about something else if you prefer. You don’t have to buy a rod of course and you can just book a lesson or preferably a series of lessons. One of my clients has had ten lessons now and man, he’s really transformed his casting!!

The way Covid is looking at the moment, I doubt very much that we will be guiding international clients this year. However I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for next year. I’ve missed having the good company on the lake! 

Have a great week everyone. :)

Cheers, Paul