Almost there

Almost there

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 21 July 2023

This week has been reindeer herding. One short moment fishing at our lake, some rises no catch. It has been also rainy weather, I have spent more or less 200 km per in the car, just to herd reindeer.

Yesterday we picked up our new family member, (mama) Killa, she is Lapponia herder, reindeer herding dog. Her grandfather is our first Lapponian herder Koda. Killa arrived exactly one year after his grandfather passed away. Funnynworld. Mamma Killa is goddess of Moon in Inca culture.

That was 160 km driving in the morning atound Kuusamo and then 285 km one-way to pick up puppy. I have been also planning a lot our coming short holiday which will be fishing for me.

Friday I have some guiding and then Saturday we start our holiday trip. First we have Satu's family reunion in Tornio and then on Sunday driving to Sweden. I'm planning to fish Laisaälven which is new to me, would also love to fish Vindelälven which is more familiar for me. Anyway we have booked accomandation about 90 km from Laisa. That distance is just shopping trip for me, so no problem about driving.

T-Seeker arrived two days ago. T stands for trout, toman(snakehead), taimen, tuna, or any fish starting with letter T. Looking forward to test it also during our trip.

Einstein and Thomas has been great help with reindeers during past week. Now I'm just want to have break and fish, and when done fishing, just the little bit more fishing, thank you.

It is great to see some people in Sweden and maybe fish with them or at least have beer or two.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing.

I will as soon as family reunion is done.

Mika from Finland