All change for Thursday!

All change for Thursday!

Paul Arden | Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thank you very much Alex for a interesting series of FPs on Bulgarian fishing and thoughts about fishing and tackle development! I'm looking forward to another series from Alex in the future. Next week in this slot however, sees the return of Scotty! Scotty is a good friend from Scotland, who is an instructor and has fished with Sexyloopers around the world. He was also a member of the British Fly Casting Team when that existed. Now I imagine he will be Team Scotland. Also Happy Birthday Scotty (who is 25 today!).

I'm working hard at the moment on a large project for Sexyloops, creating a fly fishing section that will rival the fly casting section. I thought it would take a week initially (the flycasting manual took ten days to write many years ago), however it's starting to look more like a 3-week writing project. I can tell you something though, it's a lot of fun so far!!

Shop-wise for Christmas we have stock of all goods except the HT8. I have some HT8 blanks on order and we will have these rods ready for the New Year. You'll have noticed that we have some very nice new product images in the shop. The really nice clean image of the HT6 is our new look. We've taken the Comp whippings, all black fittings, a Titanium stipping guide and applied this to the PRO series and this is what we now have. Ultimately all our PRO series rods will look like this. Of course if you prefer a different colour scheme then we do this at no extra charge.

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