Aldi vs Co-op

Aldi vs Co-op

Tracy&James | Thursday, 28 May 2020

I must admit that, given the current situation here in Wales, getting the inspiration to write a front page is tough work. I could compose a decent comparison of the wine selection of our local Co-Op store verses Aldi – getting to both involves a walk down the river, Aldi being a substantially longer trek that is a good 2 hour round trip. As it is, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Aldi – their organic Pinot Grigio is a particular favourite and the Reisling is very quaffable. I’m perhaps not so keen on their red wines but I’m sure I’ll find a good one as I work through the various offerings. Oh, I should mention that their bourbon is pretty good too. But this isn’t particularly fishy or casting related.

Tracy and I did get out casting at the weekend, with both of us setting some scores for the virtual casting competition that’s running via the Flycasting Group Facebook page and the Virtual Flycasting website.  The weather forecast for North Wales proved to be very accurate and the high winds built during Friday morning and stayed all through Saturday.  These winds, combined with low pressure and a pleasantly warm air temperature meant that distance casting was incredible.  I actually managed to eclipse my PB with a #5 trout distance outfit, unfortunately not whilst being timed for the competition, however I was very pleased to know that I was still capable of throwing such a distance now I’m in the seniors division at the BFCC.  I also managed a PB in salmon distance, which saw me winning that particular virtual comp (there’s a series of competitions, with each running for ~ 2 weeks).  This made it two on the trot for me in SD, though I’m not predicting a hat-trick as we seem to be in a settled pattern of light winds for the time being.  Tracy took advantage of the weather to thrash her salmon distance PB as well, one of those casts that seemed to come from no-where sailing way past anything else to 193ft.  Obviously she was delighted with this and hopefully it will encourage her to practice the event more.

I must say that some of the distances being recorded in the virtual competition are nothing short of astonishing, I guess as a result of being able to pick your own day and time to cast.  Even if my PB in the #5 would have counted, it wouldn’t have been good enough for even a top three finish.  For the ST27 I’d have needed to thrash my PB (which I didn’t) to get anywhere near Lasse’s leading score.  To me these figures are inspirational, showing what’s possible with an exemplary technique – and it’s this that keeps me going out striving for an improvement.

All the best, James