Accuracy Records in long grass

Accuracy Records in long grass

Tracy&James | Thursday, 27 June 2019

This weekend we held a casting Meeting in Oswestry. It was well attended by casters who wanted to compete and those who wanted tuition, kindly provided by three of our top instructors. As always we started the day with the accuracy event, however we all had some difficulty in seeing the fluff land in the targets due to the long grass, as the field hadn’t been mown (again). It meant that each ring had to be marked very closely as you could only see the fluff landing if standing literally above the targets. This resulted in quite a few queries on the scores from the casters, including myself who on a few occasions queried the mark shouted out. I also had to ask for guidance as to whether the shot was long or short on the far rings as I couldn’t see the fluff land at all. Regardless of this, there were some good scores as Kei extended his record, George Clarke took the junior under 13 record and Mike H took the S60 record.

Following accuracy, we ran the ‘heavy’ gear events (as I call them); the double handed T120 and salmon overhead 55g and the single handed T38. The sunny conditions with very light winds indicated that we probably wouldn’t see any distance records being set, however one of our junior members, after some tuition, attained records in both the T38 and S55g. It always good to see the juniors improving their casting. George also cast the trout gear later and took a 30yard badge with his 7# outfit. This followed junior records being taken at our Devon Meeting earlier in the year, so hopefully this trend will continue and we’ll see more juniors attend and challenge the records.

The afternoon for the rest of us resulted in some good scores, but no records. As some people had attended more than one meeting, James has been able to publicise the latest results for the candidates for the BFCC annual championship. This is the third year we have run this and it looks probable that we may have a new winner again. However with two more planned Meetings this year, the top three could change as there are quite a few people who have currently attended only one Meeting – if they attend another and set a good overall score, then they have a potential to win. There’s also a possibility of another Meeting being organised, so more opportunities to enter the Championship.

The next BFCC event to plan is the casting competitions at the Game Fair in Hatfield House, Herts at the end of July. We have some great supporters to run the events over the three days and it should be a good social too. 

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have fun and tight lines, 


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