A tip for the tying bench II

A tip for the tying bench II

Viking Lars | Saturday, 26 September 2020

In May I wrote short front page about how I got the idea of glueing a magnet to my glue- and varnish bottle to help prevent them from accidentally tipping over tying and finishing a fly. I know it seems impossible to believe that someone has improved on this idea, brilliant as it is, but that is none the less the case.

My first glueholder was actually just a "foam foot", cut to fit a Zap-A-Gap bottle. I got that from a mate, Kenneth Hejnfeldt. He's an excellent fly tier, well known for exquisite pike flies (check him out here: https://www.instagram.com/kenneth_hejnfelt/). This excellent little glue holder ended its days permanently stuck to a glue bottle after a near-accident.

A small one-man company from Denmark, Dalby Fly Tools, has now released the "Glue Foot". This is precision machined in stainless steel and designed in cooperation with Kenneth Hejnfeldt. The foot itself is quite heavy, which in it self can prevent a glue bottle from tipping over, but to make it just that little bit better, Dalby Fly Tools put a magnetic base on the holder.

The fit between glue bottle and foot is very tight and there's no way to glue bottle will come out of the foot by accident. I ordered mine as soon as I saw the release and I'm really pleased with it. Dalby Fly Tools makes plenty of other tool holders as well, so check out the website (in Danish only, but I sure you can manage to navigate it).

This is just one of those nice, little high quality things I like :-).

Have a great weekend!