A tip for the tying bench

A tip for the tying bench

Viking Lars | Saturday, 9 May 2020

Is there anything better than tipping over the super glue, or the varnish bottle, just when you’re finishing a fly? Well, yes - pretty much everything… I’ve done it a few times, but thankfully never really ruined anything of value.

I did once tip over a varnish bottle when I was tying a bunch of salmon flies for a friend, and I had the feathers for 10 flies prepared and ready on the desk to speed up tying a little bit. They were all ruined, but since they were “only” schlappen feathers and dirt cheap, no big deal.

But it’s still annoying to spend the time cleaning the varnish off the desk (which had a rubber matt on it, thankfully). Not to mention, it was my “finish varnish” - the one I use for the last coat on the flies that have to look extra good. That has to have a certain viscosity, which you can only get by leaving the cap off for an amount of time - and it’s trial and error with every new bottle. But I digress…

I came up with a brilliant safety measure (and please just leave me with the idea that I’m the first to come up with this :-). It dawned on me that my vise has a metal base (ferrous of some sort) and that I could glue a magnet to my varnish- and gluebottles.

I heated up the hot-glue-gun, stuck a magnet on the super glue bottle, and behold - the (almost) tip proof bottle. Since making this little video clip with the phone, I swapped the magnets with stronger neodymium magnets the are also a lot thinner.

So if you have a vise with a base that is magnetic, the tip is now passed on.

Have a great weekend!