A hell of a fly fishing week

A hell of a fly fishing week

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Last week I had one day left before Marina and I were starting our fly fishing trip to Denmark. That day I spent fly fishing for asp. For the first time ever I felt to have cracked the code on asp!

Well, at least in that day I found a way how to catch one asp after another one for hours. I fished the large German river Elbe again and was lucky to find a really huge school of asp just near a bank. Sure I tested a lot of different flies and presented them in many different ways. I even changed the fly line several times. In the end it was clear: Extra fast retrieve and significally changing speed with the fly running just below the surface made it. Thus extreme short strip stops during the fastest possible overall retrieving speed worked best. Several flies didn't work too well, but one pink shrimp fly did the job perfect. Never have I seen such an amount of asp being caught one after onother one. Usually I saw them hunting for bait, but fly fishermen casting their flies to them only caught a few fish out of pretty large schools. It will be interesting to see, if that method will work that well again!?

On Friday Marina and I started our trip to Danish Sea trout wonderland. As predicted the weather was just about perfect. Perfect wind speed (and direction) for one of my favorite spots. I hooked up with a fine Sea trout one my first cast. Little later the next one. Also Marina caught a fantastic Sea trout within the first half hour. On Saturday evening our students arrived. During the next days we had great fly fishing, fly tying and fly casting with a serious number of pretty good Sea trout included. We shared some unforgettable moments for sure. Simply a hell of a fishy week!

Right now we are one our way to the coast in order to fly fish from dawn til dusk for Sea trout. Yeah, life is a bitch (I agree)!

Great (catchy) week to all of you!

All my best


p.s.: The Hot Torpedo 6 and the Barrio SLX again did a great job!

A few impressions from the past days…

fly fishing school

flyfishing school