A Fly On The Wall---Part 3

A Fly On The Wall---Part 3

Andy Dear | Monday, 14 November 2022

Today's Front Page highlight's two of Dr. Tebbett's more basic, but no less effective Tarpon patterns, the Orange Doctor and the Yellow Doctor.

  Over the 20-year span that I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Tebbetts, he always exhibited a high level of technical expertise and attention to detail in everything he did. It didn't matter if it was fly tying, rod building, wildlife photography, or cosmetic surgery, attention to detail and precision of technique was always at the forefront. However, that did not mean that one should make the task more complex than what was needed or necessary.

  John was obsessed with efficiency, and it was evident in both his professional and personal life. One of John's more groundbreaking contributions to his surgery practice was the implementation of what he called "time and motion studies". At one point he mounted a dozen or so cameras in his surgery room to document EVERY move that he and his staff made during a surgical procedure. Everything from instrument placement to order of procedure, to the placement of personnel around the table was then analyzed for modified for optimal efficiency of process. The end goal of this study was to make the procedure so perfectly organized by eliminating all wasted movement that the time the patient spent under anesthesia was cut down significantly, thereby decreasing overall risk to the patient.

  His thinking was no different in his fly-tying and rod building, and both the Orange Doctor and Yellow Doctor are perfect examples of that....simple, beautiful patterns that can be tied quickly with a minimum of materials that are wildly effective on the water. Both of these patterns exhibit John's unique Krystal Flash head, and would be a great pattern for a beginning saltwater tyer to learn the basics of Keys style tarpon flies.

Next week we'll wrap up the Doctor Series with a personal favorite of mine. In the meantime, hope you all are staying safe and healthy,