A Fly On The Wall Part 12 - The Yellow And Tan Grizzly With Orange

A Fly On The Wall Part 12 - The Yellow And Tan Grizzly With Orange

Andy Dear | Monday, 23 January 2023

This week we'll return to our "deep dive" into the saltwater fly pattern archives of my old buddy, Dr. John Beryl Tebbetts.

  Today's featured tie is The Yellow And Tan Grizzly With Orange. This pattern exhibits more traditional keys style aesthetics. The orange and yellow color scheme is reminiscent of many of Stu Apte's patterns with the addition of a tan inner wing, and a yellow grizzly outer wing. Absent on the Yellow and Tan Grizzly is Bubba's unique krystal flash head, which has been replaced with a traditional orange thread head. I refer to the collar on this pattern as a "hybrid" collar as it utilizes both squirrel tail and maribou.

As we've gone through many of these patterns, I am fascinated and amused by the fact that most if not all of these patterns have equal crossover value for so many freshwater species, including Bass, Pike, Musky, Stripers, etc...In fact, this spring I plan to experiment with uk best essays.org some of these patterns in smaller 2 and 4 hook sizes for Speckled Trout under the pier lights here on the Gulf Coast.

  As you can see, many of John's patterns are his own artistic variations on an already existing theme. And, in some cases, his modifications involve improved performance characteristics as well. This is after all how any craft evolves. I think back to my days as an obsessed guitar player, and reading interviews with the likes of Van Halen, Satriani, Vai, etc...who all acknowledged that they used the musical stylings of Clapton, Page, Hendrix, and Beck as the platform essays services reviews.com on which to develop their own style and technique.

Hope you are all have a great week!