1000 days

1000 days

t.z. | Friday, 23 June 2017

I met Konstanse for the first time in person on September 21. 2014 at 14:33. We have been together since. Last Saturday this was for 1000 days. We celebrated this in our own way. We went fishing.

We took the float tubes out to the lake Konstanse had her belly boat flyfishing debut in June 2015. Like the first time, the mayflies were hatching. .... and sheep visited our little camp.

The lake was not "on" this time though. The hatch trickled on and fish weren't really feeding. However, we caught enough for dinner.

This trip was well prepared as you would guess ..... not. We were so keen on getting out, that we forgot civilized necessities like wine, plates and even cups. It did not matter. We had a fantastic time. 

So how does a couple like us fish together? Each on her/his own. We do not peak over each other’s shoulder all the time. We sometimes meet and exchange some things we observed, and share tips on how to untangle a wind knot, and then we each head out on our own again. 

However - we feel connected all the time. 

This must be because we share the same or at least very similar ethos. Being out and fishing. That's the purpose. Not how many fish we catch. It's about how many moments we have the chance to experience. 

Side note - One of these nice experiences is that we were so lucky to afford us a HT4 each. This stick is simply magic.

Oh ... and Konstanse caught her first ever Sik (whitefish) that day. The fellow was close to a kilo. Difficult fish on a dry. Their mouths are very soft so one needs a sensitive approach. Perfect for a HT4

Sexyloops tradition - sheep and fishing spots






The sexyloops fly tying focus, hosted by t.z. 

The goal is to show the different approaches to fly tying around the globe 
(we believe in that the world is a globe actually)

... sharing and learning from each other - these are the key words. 
Most of the tiers will are active on the sexyloops forum - "the board" - so join the very open 
and friendly club of flyfishers here on s-loops.  http://www.sexyloops.co.uk/theboard

Thomas Züllich, or - “t.z.” as most call him - is a German flyfisher & flytier living in Norway. He runs a small fly shop together with his fiance Konstanse.