Zoom zoom zoom (cast)

Zoom zoom zoom (cast)

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Bernd has broken his laptop cable – anyway it’s about time you had a FP from me! I have been writing one entitled 25,000 days, which I’ve worked out is the number of days I want to fish in this lifetime and not 20,000 as I wrote some years ago! But that’s for another time.

I’ve been having all sorts of electric problems in the boat recently. I managed to blow up the solar panel control box, and all my boat batteries slowly drained. I’ve now installed a new control box but I’m still without power. I was planning later in the year to buy a third solar panel for exclusively charging thruster motor batteries and so tomorrow I shall buy this and see if this can get me started again.

It’s not really been too much of a problem because I need to be around Internet at the moment and I’m moored in an excellent 4G zone. A few months ago I started giving Zoom Casting lessons. This is going really well now. A few of the guys are on lesson 6 and we are moving into some exciting territory.


I now much prefer teaching via Zoom! Of course it’s nice to be “in person” but chances are, as an instructor, you’ll be lucky to get more than a couple of lessons. With travel to and from a lesson, casting lessons can be quite inconvenient. I’ve taught thousands of people with a single lesson. But rarely have I given six lessons to the same person! The only time I’ve done this in the past has been during guided trips here in the jungle.

But now with Sexyloops Zoom Cast I have a number of people doing this week after week and it’s just fantastic. I’ve always enjoyed giving “advanced” flycasting instruction. After six weeks you are giving advanced level coaching! I personally much prefer taking people fishing and when I can do this again I will. However the way COVID-19 is going I very much doubt I’ll be hosting any International guests this year. We shall see! I suppose there is a small hopeful possibility later in the year.

Anyway if you are interested in really developing your casting drop me an email. It’s £60 for a one-hour lesson. £50/hr if you book six or more. If you book 10 I’ll give you two more hours for free.

Something else I’m currently doing; if you buy a Sexyloops HT rod this month I will give you a one hour Zoom Casting lesson for free! You need a tripod for your phone. 4G Internet. Bluetooth ear phones. Email me on paul@sexyloops.com for more information.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul