Whatever the weather

Whatever the weather

Tracy&James | Sunday, 4 July 2021

Just a very quick FP from me today; James and I have just had a long drive down to Somerset for tomorrow’s BFCC casting day.

This is the first BFCC event at this particular location in Mells, Somerset. We’re hoping for a good turn-out howeverthe weather here doesn’t look too great as heavy rain showers are predicted, although if the predicted 10/11 mph winds arrive then maybe the competition events might be ok.

We are encouraging people who can’t join us to enter virtually if they can and James will post the results alongside the measurements from the actual day. Regardless of the weather, we know it will be a lovely day as we will be able to catch up with people we haven’t seen for a long time and that is always worth doing.

Last Sunday we fished the river Dee as planned however found the fish didn’t seem as keen as we were, so after a few hours of fishing on two different beats, we had an early finish and a relaxing evening with a glass or two of wine, instead of covering an evening rise as we’d hoped.

This week I have finally put in an entry into the virtual competition run by Bernt Johansson. I’m pleased that my cast of the ST27 was pretty good, further than the current BFCC record, even though the weather conditions weren’t great and the ground was full of ‘snaggy’ weeds holding back my running line as I cast it.

Hopefully we’ll get some fishing in soon and I would love to try more of the virtual casting events. Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a good one,