Tracking The Board

Tracking The Board

Paul Arden | Monday, 5 April 2021

This week I am off to Langkawi chasing and hopefully catching Ladyfish (Giant Herring). I’m looking forward to this and it will be nice to see the sea!!

I’m in a bit of a mad rush today, in town and heading back to the Battleship for a couple of days. Mondays are always chaotic for me. I have two Zoom flycasting lessons tomorrow. These are going very well! I thoroughly enjoy teaching flycasting using this medium.

By the sounds of things I might even have fly fishing guests again soon. Malaysia will shortly be allowing people with two vaccine shots to travel and without quarantine. Yay!!! No idea when I can get my inoculation, but it will be great to be hosting guests again!! Both for the soul and the wallet!

So... I would like to point you to a truly excellent discussion on the Board this week. There is a discussion that encompasses form, technique and analyses flycasting from what the body does. It encompasses tracking, power application, weight shift, sequential blocking. It’s one of the very best discussions on flycasting coaching that I think we have had on the Board. It is a long one. You might want to read it over a few sittings.

If you haven’t joined the Board then please do so. It is a wonderful resource of information - a “minefield of information”, it has been called! :D We are always looking for new members to discuss new topics and topics of the past. I know that on some forums if you start a topic that has been discussed they tell you to use the search function! That is NOT how the Sexyloops Board functions. I will happily discuss topics again and again and again – for this is how to truly learn – and every time we discuss the same thing we ALWAYS learn something new!

So please do join and introduce yourself. And please regulars, please give a big welcome to every new member who joins!! This is very important. The Board is the hub of knowledge on Sexyloops. Almost everything I have learned in flycasting in last 20 years has come from the Board.

Personally I would like to see a lot more fishing questions as well! There is a lot of knowledge to be gleaned from our members. We have some of the most experienced fly fishers on the planet. So please do start discussions on fishing techniques as well as flycasting!

Ok back to the Battleship for me. Two days of chasing Gourami and getting organised for Langkawi. I wonder if my reels can handle a Ladyfish without exploding...

Have a fantastic week! :))

Cheers, Paul

PS as always you can email me If you don’t hear from me check your spam filter or send again. I answer every email!