Martyn White | Thursday, 29 July 2021

I managed to get a couple of those largemouth bass down the park on dry flies yesterday after I finished my last practice session and I flew down to Okinawa this morning, eager to get on the water. I was pretty pleased as the plane landed, conditions were good and the airport front lagoon looked amazing.

I had planned to have time to grab an early lunch and jump on the ferry, with a view to be fishing by about 3 o'clock. Everything was falling into place, my bag was the first one on the carousel and the quick bus was waiting as I walked out the terminal. Perfect.

The ferries however are not running to the usual schedule so I've ended up with 5 hours to kill in sleepy Ishigaki. So rather than fishing I stretched out my lunch in a local brewery bar that wouldn't serve alcohol due to corona virus measures, tried to buy a salted ice cream-a local speciality that is also unavailable. The situation did give me a chance to grab an extra bottle of rum just in case the little island is in similar straits.

I'm on the ferry now, so at least I'll make it to the ryokan in time for dinner. Mrs Nakata's home cooked, traditional Okinawan quisine; always something to look forward to. I'll be in no rush as I get rigged up tonight  and will be ready for a sharp start in the morning. Full report next week.