Things are getting worse before getting better

Things are getting worse before getting better

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 9 September 2022

There are saying thay things are getting worse before getting better. It means exactly what it says. Just don't know how worse things have to go before getting better.

It has not been easy living for past two and half year. First Covid and then all the prices rising to sky. It is insane, on May electric price rised 400% and yesterday got letter that another 120% increase coming. Don't want even talk about gasoline. Winter is coming, jeee. It is our main season and yet with these prices, fuck. So we just try to get thru few months and reach winter.

Overall summer was quiet, June was good and then things died. July was totally dead when Finnish people traveled abroad after covid and August was looking good until flight company started to change flights. It was awfully difficult to reach us, so guests changed their destination, instead coming here. Flight changes meant two extra day of traveling and if you have one week holiday and have travel 4 days to go fishing, well we all know will you do it.

As title says things are getting worse before getting better, we just don't know when. It can be next cast or next after that. I had that in Malaysia and have had it several times before and after. Even when starting fly fishing I had it many times.

You think casting is going okay or your fishing is ok, just because you have few fish. You just might get lucky or you just managed to make good cast because you had empty mind or something like that.

Fisherman has to be most positive thinking person in the world, things will get better on next cast, fish can take any second now. You know, or have you meet fisherman how thinks that he won't catch a fish on next cast or after next one.
Things will go worse before getting better, until that go fishing. I will for sure there are some nice hatching going on right now.

Have a nice weekend