The Great Hot Torpedo Competition - New Rules!

The Great Hot Torpedo Competition - New Rules!

Paul Arden | Monday, 25 September 2017

For the next and final set of entries in this very exciting competition (see rule change below) EVERY entrant will receive a special edition Sexyloops Trout Stealth Master Shirt, with his or her name on it! This limited edition shirt will only be available to competition entrants. Conditions apply (see below!).

Earlier this year, as you may recall, I created the Great Hot Torpedo competition where Sexyloops HT Owners send us their story featuring a Hot Torpedo fly rod and the best story of every second month goes into the final draw to win a custom-built Hot Torpedo fly rod of his or her choice. The original plan was for one lucky winner to be picked every second month, resulting in four finalists who each win Sexyloops luminous flyines (new improved lumi-lines are arriving later this month) with one lucky winner taking the grand custom-built Hot Torpedo prize. 

The first two-month round winner, picked by Board and Facebook readers, resulted in Miss Ashly Chan becoming our first Sexyloops finalist. (Ashly is very excited!). However the competition managed to lose momentum slightly - sorry about that! I was busy in the jungle and then got kicked out of Malaysia for a month for overstaying my entry permit!

This has resulted in only a small number of entries for the second round. These are 
1) Konstanse Larsen 
2) Thomas Zullich 
Please make your choice posting on Facebook/Sexyloops or the Board for your favourite. 

NOW HERE IS THE RULE CHANGE: up until December 15th we will have one final round. From this round the best two entrants will be picked via FB/Board voting to join the current finalists. The ultimate winner will be announced January 1st. (I'm going to have to find an independent judiciary since Ashly is in the finals!) 

But here is the very best part: EVERY ENTRANT for this final period will receive one special edition Sexyloops Stealth Master Shirt which will have a unique competition design, featuring a spectacular trout caught by Ronan (instead of the current Mahseer that we sell). This particular shirt will ONLY be given to entrants and will not be available anywhere else. There is a catch, I will pay for the shirt but you will have to pay for the shipping. Each shirt costs more than 20GBP to manufacture (it's high quality as you would expect). Shipping is approx 10GBP tracked and insured from Malaysia.

In addition, your name will be printed on the shirt (and any other details you may wish - CCI etc). 

Current finalists, Miss Ashly Chan, as well as whoever wins this previous round (either Thomas or Konstanse), will each receive one of these competition shirts. Everyone else however will have to re-enter with a new story, photograph or movie in this final round. 


1) If you are a Hot Torpedo owner submit a story or photograph to me before DEC15. 
2) All suitable stories will be published - we're obviously not posting porn or offensive material!
3) Every entrant will recieve a special edition Sexyloops Stealth Shirt minus the posting (paypal me 10GBP)
5) Your name will appear on the shirt along with any casting qualifications (or your website for example)
6) The finalists will be judged by independantly from Sexyloops! 
7) Shirt sizes are Malaysian. We will discuss this when you send in your entry! Basically if you are European you will need to order one size larger. If you are Asian living in Asia then you need only order your normal size. Shirt sizing chart can be found here; 

I wish you all the very best of luck!

Now I'm off to put the new 7'6 10WT Hot Torpedo through some Giant Snakehead Hell Cool