The big one, year 2018

The big one, year 2018

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 28 December 2018

It is time to wrap year 2018. First idea was go through shortly my fishing season 2018. But it would like something like this: 80 fishing days (from 120 possible in season), nice guests from South-Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, USA, France, Italy and Finland. Season was low water and extremely warm. Anyway good fishing and we had good time, also Satu and I had trip (great one) to Varzina trout camp. But during the year there was big fish which I lost but it contains so much good memories and friendship that I end year with that one.

So we are doing filming in Sweden. I told that earlier and hopefully it is also watchable now in for you. After mountains and Laiva – camp we had special stretch for one day. It is called Sjöforssen. First rapid of river Vindel. Spawning area for big river trout but also area where big lake trout like to eat. (biggest one has been over 6 kg) So with with big expectations we head to parking lot.

When we are putting gears up on parking lot, we saw golden eagle jumping from tree just across from us. It is making few turns and disappearing behind forest. After short shooting for TV, it is time to go. I had luck and I will get chance to be first to make run. Guide is taking me and camera man over the river by boat. It is like Christmas as child. Peter (guide) goes shortly thru how to fish and where. I have already made similar plan but it is good to have local expert with you. I start to make run, Peter go to get some more people over the river. Camera is filming everything, it makes me little bit nervous. Difficult wind conditions and I haven’t been casting DH rod for 3 years. Afterwhile cast start to be okay and wind doesn’t bother so much anymore. After few minutes I lift my hand and finger to camera, first strike. So there is something and my fly seems to be good. I know it has maybe little bit too long wing but guide selected that so I trust him. It is tube which looks like bleak. Other mark to camera man but that is, two strike, well I would call them pinch.

Peter is coming and moving me little bit downstream. There is good looking spot and he tells me how to fish. Camera has been rolling now 30 minutes nonstop. I keep fishing. I can see stone which Peter meant when telling me where to cast. My first cast is no good and it is too short, but I get a new pinch anyway. I start to be really excited. I go few meters downstream and make cast. Now I got it where is should be, right after that pinch again and I show it to camera man.  He has been following me now about 45 minutes and filming with two cameras.  I have habit that just before starting to take line in, I drop tip down and give little bit extra speed to fly. Just when I’m doing that and my hand is going to take line in for next cast……. STRIKE

Trout is taking line out and reel’s handle is hitting on my pocket, well not on pocket but box in the pocket and box is almost flying out to river. So I’m trying to hook fish and safe my box at same time. Done. Box stays on pocket and fish on. There are camera man also on other side of river and he is starting to film also. Trout made its first run about 20 meters and I manage to stop it before it run on heavier stream. Trout is calming awhile and coming on calm water. I have time so speak to camera, something like: “ I had strike and hooked nice size trout, let’s see how I will manage with this one”. And then we go again…

Trout is coming upstream a little bit and made two jumps, I can see it is massive trout with beautiful colours. I try to help camera man to film when it is jumping so I try to warn him before jumps but trout won’t do those anymore. Downstream…. fuck, I can see how big rocks there are and how heavy the stream is. My first thought is that I will be swimming before this fish is done. And it is fine to me, I know this one is +80 cm trout. I has shown itself one more time on surface. Peter has gone already, like any good guide he vanished right after I hooked the fish.Innocent Well to be honest he went to pick up bigger landing net. (we both forgot that I have one hanging on my back Foot in Mouth). Trout is going under big rock but I’m able to sort that one. Short stop under rock and here we go again. I’m running downstream with fish and cameraman is following, now and then I’m checking if he is okay. We both are in the water and running.

Next obstacle, two rocks and small stream between them. I’m sure that now I will lose the fish(now I’m yelling Peter, bring the net) , it will go between and keep going, but my luck is that is stopping shortly under smaller rock so I have time to past another one and get downstream from rocks and fish. I’m checking what is coming in downstream. It is getting heavier and deeper but I’m ready to swim if need it. Trout is coming on surface less than 10 meters from me. I can see his head and then he is turning and sweeping a tail to me. He is ready to go again but this one was just warning. It is still on hook and in calm water. Second try, head up and heavier tail….. SHIIIIITTTTT….. (you can still hear echo from that yell if you really listen) hook is off and fish is gone. I drop on my knees back to the river there is flat stone where I was standing so I drop rod also. Silence, I can hear river but nothing else. Trying to get my mind together, I know camera is rolling so I start to speak to camera. (This is how you make tvshow). Peter and Satu is coming also. Peter has net and he is asking if line was cut or what happened. I said that I don’t know even I knew that hook just got lose. I’m still on my knees. (there is two things my life who can do it, fish and my wife, and kids so let’s make it three) Peter went to see what I knew already, Hook was lose and line is okay. (I had 0.33 fluorcarbon) We hit high five and he helps me up. We hug. This is friendship. We both lost a fish.

Later I’m watching material with camera men. Tears are coming on my eye, not because lost fish but moment we share with guide. I take whiskey to that one.

Happy New year and fish a lot, more you lost more you get

Mika the legend

ps. I have been in same situation as Peter. Guest lost big fish and we hugged after lost. This is how you make memories and friendship to last. Share, it is not only your fish.

Pss. Golden eagle took off just next to spot where I hooked the fish.

Psss no photos this time
man who lost fish tube fly