The Almost Invisible Fly

The Almost Invisible Fly

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Last week I created some wobbler flies mainly built of (clear) epoxy glue. After publishing a picture of one of these flies on facebook it didn't take long until I was told that this fly would be more or less invisible under water.

In fact it was my good friend (Viking) Lars Bentsen who said: "Clear epoxy becomes more or less invisible under water, so all that work shaping and contouring almost disappears."

To be honest I was pretty much expecting exactly that kind of feedback, because for decades we have built all sorts of flies coming in the most unnatural bright shining colors. Not to forget all those flies coming in UV active colors in addition. All these flies are often made believing that the fly should be as easy to be seen as possible.

Personally I have never bought into this stategy. In fact I often went for an opposite strategy. Many baitfish and other animals being hunted are often coming in colors increasing their chance of survival by more or less dissappearing.

In Sea trout NIGHT fishing I often was told, that only a black fly would be a proper choice. Black flies though make for the strongest contrast against the sky, I agree. But I always thought that the color was far less important compared to the movement of the fly. I very much doubt that the fish need to see our flies. In Sea trout night fishing I caught many Sea trout on white colored flies.

I believe that trying to get close to the natural bait color is often the best strategy. 

Here are some small anchovies for example coming in a not so bright shining color.

When fishing for asp a fair number of newborn baitfish are coming in almost clear colors, which is why I created those flies that you may find in the pictures below.

I have no doubt that these flies will do a great job by how they move in the first place.

Anyway Lars made me think and I will try to create a fly which is as close to be invisible as possible and then see how much (not if) the asp will like it.

What's your strategy - will you go by natural colors or do you prefer bright shining colors?

Would you believe in an almost invisible fly?

Great week to all of you, looking forward to some feedback! ;)

All my best


Lots of fly testing during the past days.