Thanks a lot for a fantastic year 2018!

Thanks a lot for a fantastic year 2018!

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Time to say THANK YOU to all our clients for sharing such a great fly fishing year with us. 350 fishing days 2018 passing by in a blink of an eye!

First of all we are sending a huge THANK YOU to the god of fish for sending us so many excellent fish this year. Thanks again, mate! ;)

Our biggest THANKS goes to all our clients for joining our fly fishing school again in 2018. We couldn't have done anything without YOU!!!

Many hosted fly fishing trips, workshops and casting lessons are schedulded for 2019 and can be seen here:

First Cast Fly Fishing School

During the past Christmas days we spent a fine time with our family and tied some flies for the next season! Of course I went 2 hours fishing (for carp) in between every day - even though it was pretty cold (I have to admit).

Hopefully you had a great Christmas time either!?

Great fly fishing in 2019 to all of you and thanks a lot for having followed all my front pages here on Sexyloops in 2018!

All my best and please stay healthy!


Some pictures of the past days...

carp flyfishing

Some pictures of 2018...

hosted trips
fly fishing trips bernd ziesche
bernd ziesche