technique issue

technique issue

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 10 July 2020

I’m late with my FP. I have good reason. I have been guiding past two days, long days with guests. Despite long days it was great two days. My guest had good experience about fly fishing, well he had never fished with one hand rod before. He had been fishing DH rod and only salmon and steelhead in Brittish Columbia. Now life is partly throwing him to our area and he wanted to learn grayling fishing and also how to fish with one hand rod.

Casting is same if you fish with one hand rod or DH. And then it is not. But I have noticed that it seems to be easier to come from DH to one hand than other way. Or it could be only me. When I started to cast with DH, I had difficulties with my right hand. I had one hand rod casting so badly in my system that I kind of did same casting with DH. I don’t know if you understand what I mean but you can destroy your casting if you push upper hand too far. Well basicly motion should be pretty close like one hand but… it was technique issue for me and big one. In fact my casting with DH is good if I cast from left side that left hand is upper one. I have no problems then but from other side I need to concentrate what my right hand is doing. I haven’t been fishing with DH for 2 years now so I need do some training again.

When you go from DH to one hand it seems to be easier. You just leave your lower hand off from rod. Otherwise casting is working pretty much same, but then comes what to do with lower hand (in this case left). You should control line distance etc. And then when we add different fish  species… You end up with lot of technique issues and new things. Past two days showed me how lot of new things can come when you change from salmon (steelhead) to grayling and trout.

Some of techniques can be used also with salmon but in this case there was whole new world opening for him. Nymphing, how to control line and having good touch to fly. When and how to mend, and especially why. How to hook fishes etc. Casting for dry fly and everything around that. It was like teaching total beginner but also it was far from that. He had good sense and idea about line handling and also casting was fast going right way. He got fast idea what and how to do. It was more like that there was so much new things coming that in first day he was not really effective about fishing. There was some small things, you could call it as signature. It is natural that it will take time and lot of fishing hours to have effective signature. Also he got stuck easily in some spots, mostly he was fixing his technique but it is also common to beginners anyway.

Beginners sometimes starts to do casting practice while fishing. It is okay but in our area we don’t have flying fish. We only have ones which are living in the water. So even bad cast can give you a strike and fish. If you are fishing you should always concentare fishing even with when your cast is not world-class. You can have sexiest loops in the world but if you don’t know how to fish…. well you are just great with casting not great fisherman.

None of us never ready with fishing and casting. That is what makes flyfishing a great hobby. After two days my guest had good basics about fishing grayling and trout with different techniques. How it will go from that is just matter of fishing hours. It is same with casting. Practise make masters. I always rather fish with great fisherman than great caster (shooter).


Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend