Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 23 June 2021

For many anglers summer means to fish early or late in the day. For me it means to fish both and then sleep some hours during midday and at night!

During the past weeks I mostly fly fished 4am to 10am, 6pm to 11pm and in addition sometimes in the afternoon or in the middle of night depending on the species of fish I was targeting to catch. Of course it can be tough to stop fishing at around midnight and then start again before sunrise. But after all this is just a question of getting used to the rhythm.

Carp fishing can be excellent in the very early morning, while Zander often get active around sun set and within the next hour. Asp are often most active in both these periods or depending on the spot right in the middle of the day.

Since I love to study different species of fish during the day I switched a lot in the past week. As you may see in the pictures below I did catch quite some serious fish and of course caught a lot of smaller ones in between.

This morning I had a bit of an extra sleep, because yesterday the newborn baitfish arrived for a first day in one of my home waters. Yesterday the sun was small, while the clouds were heavy. Asp don't like that, but they love to eat on newborns. I am pretty sure today many asp will eat on the newborns, because the sun shining bright today will bring the newborns to the surface today. That drives asp crazy for usually one day, sometimes two per season!

Ok, let's get ready and see, if I can neal down one or two strong takes!?

I hope you are having any proper plan for fishing in your pipe, too!

Great fly fishing week to all of you!

All my best


Some pictures from last week...