spring update vol 2

spring update vol 2

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 26 March 2021

Monday was still cold kind of winter weather, after that heat wave found us. It has been from +3 to +8 in shadow and sun is warming so it has been even +15 celsius in sun shine. I salted the meat and those are hanging now. About 2 weeks and it should be ready.

During last weekend it was heavy snowing. Now with warm weather snow level is going down. Yards are getting icy and slippery when sun is melting the snow and wind is cooling the surface. From some areas you can see ground allready.

In southern part of Finland people are starting their river fishing season. It start to be close for first hatching. That season is great for dry fly fishing for trout. In here it will take maybe 2 to 3 weeks before we have first hatching. That if weather will continue like this.

We still have frosty nights so it will slow down spring which is basicly good thing. I’m worried if spring/summer comes too early, it could be setback later and that is not good for fishing. So I rather wait longer and start season with ”right” time than start early and then have cold season in June.

Days are really getting longer and with full moon now there is no need for headlight, not even during the night as long that is not cloudy. Next week we will have first virtual farm visit. We have some plans to have accomandation at farm etc but I will tell about those if and when we get those to goal. It is not best time to invest but we want to give fishermen more options for their trips.

Past week phone has been ringing and it is good news. Some bookings are coming for summer allready.  Looking forward for coming weeks.

have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland