Snow work

Snow work

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 29 January 2021

My FP is little bit late, which seems to be new normal. It has been snowing whole week and last night with wind. It means that snow is running and gathering some places more than normally. I started to clean snow early enough that I have time to write FP on time. But, I got few calls and some neighbours needed my help to clean snow so my schedule had to be rewrote. Did you know that everything before but is a lie.

I could use app or something that it will write FP’s when I’m just talking. When doing snow work or driving snowmobile I have lot of time to think. ( I do think sometimes before act/doing). Anyway as last week I compared building and casting somehow. This week it will be snow work and fishing.

I have to plan how to clean snow from yards. I need to think where to spin snow. That I need to do just in the beginning of winter. That I need to do so I have enough space for snow when it is just coming and coming. At the farm is not really problem because just next to the buildings we have about 1 hechtar field so I can push extra snow always there. Between the buildings in yard, I need to think about, I can’t spin snow against buildings because there would be good chance to brake windows or something like that. So it will spin, off, drive forward, start spinning etc.

That is pretty much like fishing. First you need to make plan where to fish and how. What places you think, are the hotspots and how to approach those. Then you need to decide how to fish those hotspots. Do you use dries or nymhps. How stream will take your fly where you want it to go. What I need to do in that and that point to keep fly as fishing mood. This all are obvious things what you think, at least you should.

When your fishing is systematic and accurate, result will be much better than just casting and hoping for best. Of course you can skip thinking but then you need to have a guide who is doing thinking on your behalf. ( Now remember what I said earlier about word – but) Anyway guide can be your brains but you still need to use your own to learn and get better. Only way how you get better is doing.

That is same with snow work and goes with anything in life. If you still want to cast and just hope for the best, it will be like juosten kustu.  Juosten kustu means pissed while running. It means that result is what it is, shitty. So use your brains (or guide) when going fishing, you will get much more out from your trip.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the Legend